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Stage 6

Birdshot  14    Slugs  0     Pistol  22     Rifle  7

Begin standing at the Start position with your pistol fully loaded and holstered, empty rifle staged as directed, and shotgun loaded to division capacity leaning against tree as directed.  At signal, retrieve your shotgun and engage shotgun targets from the path.  Abandon your safe shotgun in barrel provided, then engage pistol targets. The hanging plates behind the barricade will be engaged 3 times.  They must be engaged right hand only from the right side of the barricade, left hand only from the left side of the barricade, and freestyle through the port in the barricade. You may not touch the barricade while shooting.  Engage the remaining pistol targets, then holster or abandon your safe pistol in the bucket provided.  Cross the creek via the rope and/or ladders provided, or choose your own way. Once across the creek, retrieve your rifle and load it only after being on top of the platform provided.  Engage the rifle targets. Note: Some shooters will be required, or given the option, to not cross the creek via the ladders, and will be assessed an appropriate time “penalty” for using the alternate course.

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