Stage 4

Pistol  22    Birdshot  10    Slugs  0     Rifle  9

Begin standing at start position with palms above shoulders touching tree with pistol fully loaded and holstered; empty rifle slung; shotgun with bolt closed on an empty chamber and magazine loaded to division capacity staged as directed.  Upon signal, engage pistol targets being aware of your muzzle direction, then abandon or holster your safe pistol.  Retrieve your shotgun, engage shotgun targets, and then abandon your safe shotgun in the barrel provided.  Engage rifle targets from the top of the platform.


(PCC note: Shotguns must be used on this stage due to range requirements.)


The BRM3G is a natural terrain shooting competition which strives to thoroughly test our competitor's shooting skills, as well as their physical and mental stamina.

The first BRM3G was held in April of 2008 in Virginia.  The next eleven matches were held at Rockcastle in Kentucky, and we have now changed the venue to    The Clinton House Plantation in South Carolina.


T: 757-373-7453