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Stage 2

 Birdshot  0         Slugs  10        Pistol  29         Rifle  16

Begin standing at the Start position with your pistol fully loaded and holstered, empty rifle slung, and shotgun loaded to division capacity at port arms.  Upon start signal, engage all 4 steel and 2 clay slug targets with 2 rounds, but you may not engage a slug target the second time until you have engaged a different slug target. Abandon safe shotgun in barrel.  Engage pistol targets.  Before crossing the fault line in front of the close steel targets, you must hit each with 2 body and 1 head shot. Holster or safely abandon your pistol. Engage all visible rifle targets from rifle position 1 behind the berm.  Reengage the 7 central downrange targets from rifle position 2.

Stage 2 2020.jpg
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