Stage 1

Birdshot  15         Slugs  2       Rifle  35        Pistol  20

All targets in the first array are shotgun only.  Begin standing at the Start position with your pistol fully loaded and holstered, empty rifle slung, and shotgun loaded to division capacity, empty PPC slung.  Upon start signal, engage all shotgun targets, and abandon safe shotgun in barrel.  Engage designated rifle targets from within the same color-coded shooting areas. For example: the plate rack must be engaged from the red box, and the blue designated steel targets must be engaged from the blue box. Abandon safe rifle in dump barrel.  Engage pistol targets after crossing the fault line in the next bay.


(PCC note: Shotguns are required on the first array due location on range.)


The BRM3G is a natural terrain shooting competition which strives to thoroughly test our competitor's shooting skills, as well as their physical and mental stamina.

The first BRM3G was held in April of 2008 in Virginia.  The next eleven matches were held at Rockcastle in Kentucky, and we have now changed the venue to    The Clinton House Plantation in South Carolina.


T: 757-373-7453